Comment Zone

Here is a place to just say it. I would appreciate feedback on what I have started here. I know it is only in a skeleton state but the bones can only hold the flesh we put on it. Looking forward to hearing from you all.


3 responses to “Comment Zone

  1. Would forums be helpful? I’m talking to Cynthia now about developing blogs (WordPress v.s. Blogspot…, etc.) and others might want to weigh in…

  2. Heather Tuba

    Hi Linda, Linda Fode directed me to you as we are both Winnipegers. I am part of the 500 words group. Linda Fode is a dear friend, mentor and writing partner. I have recently started blogging and writing, although have done the writing part for most of my life. Do you connect with any other Winnipeg writers? If you’d like, send me a fb request. I would enjoy connecting with you to find out what you are doing, where you are headed with writing, etc. I also see that you know Sherri Ansloos (sp?). She and I used to go to the same church. Oh, yes, my email is: if that’s a better way to communicate. Heather

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