The rest of us

Since this blog has been created to give a venue for newer writers among us, this page is for the rest of this. To help us connect through our blogs, you are invited to leave your name, blog and a short paragraph that tells us something about you as a writer. Your interests? What led you to write? Your bio? These are just ideas that will help us get an idea about what we will find when we go and visit you there. Please keep this page for the blog list so that we can find each other. Thank you.


58 responses to “The rest of us

  1. I am L.J. Andres and go by Andie on my accountability blog begun for this challenge. It has been interesting picking up the pen and keyboard again to let thoughts fill a page. I have met others on here that have made this a journey of discovery. I look forward to continuing to grow with you.

    My blog is:

  2. I’m Christine Niles and I blog at random times about random things related to adoption, writing, and whatever else occurs to me to write about. Because it’s my blog and I can do what I want. I also sometimes share little bits of fiction I’m working on.

    My blog is at:

  3. I’m Laura Lis Scott and every now and then I blog about the writing process, storytelling, publishing, and fiction I’m working on.

    My writing blog is at:

  4. I’m Susan Ekins and I blog at “Women Making Strides: Be a Leader in Your Own Life.” My blog encourages women (and men) to take care of their body, mind, and spirit so they can use their talents to better the world.

    Find my blog at

  5. Kris

    I joined late and missed some of the awesomeness, but it has been a blast writing with everyone.

    I have a blog and write about whatever I can. I hope to get back to the whole concept of “pretending to be normal,” but right now I’m in a manifesto mood.

    Pretending To Be Normal:

  6. I’m Sherrey Meyer, and I blog about my writing, particuarly about memoir as that’s what I’m currently drafting, but also other aspects of writing. You can find my blog at

  7. i’m Linda, and I have started a lot of blogs in my 18 months of blogging, but my main blog is now Notes from the Arena, where I’m attempting to cultivate an authentic life through intentional living, courage, and honesty. I haven’t posted on it since early Jan because of the 500 word challenge, but hoping to get back to it soon.

    the blog is here:

  8. Hi, I’m Dawn, and although I’ve been a “closet writer” for years, I am new to blogging (started in November 2013). I am a US expat currently living in Belize, and I have two books in the works, but I am wanting to develop my blog as well. I am still trying to find its direction and determine exactly what I want to blog about. For now, I describe it as the “Seinfeld of blogs” (if you remember, the sitcom’s premise was that “Seinfeld” was a show about nothing- but really, it was about EVERYTHING!)

    You can find my blog at and I welcome any and all feedback!

  9. Tonia Hurst

    Hi, I’m Tonia. I love to read and write, but I don’t blog. I’m working on a novel called Left at the Lamppost, a sort of Narnia story for adults. I love short essays, yours and mine. As I often say, the world screams story.

    I have no links to share and no webpage. On my planet, we don’t have these things. I just came to earth for the brownies. It’s nice here. I’ve decided to stay.

  10. Denise Jackson here, retired schoolteacher, and sole proprietor of the blog Randomocity. When I retired, I worried what I would do with all of my extra energy. Between hiking, writing, and photography, I now wonder, WHAT EXTRA ENERGY? Randomocity: the random rants, writings, and recipes of a retired 5th grade schoolteacher with the heart of a granola girl.

  11. Hi Everyone. I’m Crystal Thieringer, and I’m working on a series of three novels for YA audiences. The first–Griptape–asks the question “Is suicide the death of me?” I’m currently in the query-an-agent process for that novel while I work on the second.

    More information about my stories can be found on the sidebar of my blog. It’s at I blog three times a week about what I see in our world–everything from suicide prevention to owl-hunting (with a camera). I seek to be a hope-giver.

    I enjoy taking pictures and they show up on my blog too. I hope you’ll drop by.

  12. I’m Ros, high school English teacher, writer, pusher of bruises (to see if they hurt). Like several others here, I kick against the need to hone my focus too narrowly, hence the title of my blog, Pushing the Bruise–seemed a wide enough net. Now I just need to start posting there more than once a month. (Hush, Tonia, that wasnt really a stick–just a small twig I’m waving around here.)

  13. Hello, I’m Janet Brantley. My background is all education — I mean that literally. I’ve taught everything from Kindergarten to graduate classes. My most fun was teaching History & Geography at Texarkana College for 13 years until I had to retire in 2009. For a couple of years I did nothing except try to figure out how to co-exist with fibromyalgia. When I improved I began writing and reading in earnest. I’m working on two novels. One is “From Cotton Fields to Bomb Plants,” about a defense worker in WWII. The other I’m about to finish the first draft on: “Murder by Any Other Name.” I’ll save my elevator pitch for that part of this site.
    I’m excited about working with this group. You’re the best I’ve ever been a part of. Let’s just keep it going!
    I blog on a variety of topics — everything from my dog Hamish to a Sense of Place. I’m new to the world of blogging — about nine months — and I have much to learn about the mechanics.

    I hope you’ll visit me and, when I figure out how to do it, subscribe and become a friend there as well as here.

    My blog is at:

  14. Amanda

    Hi, I’m Amanda, I’m sixteen and I graduated high school last year and am in to my second semester of college. I love to write poetry, and am currently writing a few fiction pieces (Blinded By Apathy was actually my first piece of that sort, though I am looking into doing more) — writing is my number one passion. I live in the ghetto with my family; my parents run a ministry and are starting a church down here…Blinded By Apathy and if I write more that are similar, they are inspired by events that have happened in this neighborhood since moving here and keep my life entertaining. I do not have a blog, but I’m excited to connect with all of you!

  15. G’day (Australian for Hi!), My name is Rod Semple and I live with my wife, Hema and two children, Shannon and Alysha in Berwick, Victoria, Australia.

    I’m a novice writer. I’ve only started writing seriously this year (2014).
    I’m also a newbie when it comes to blogging at

    ‘The Wild Goose Project’ and I are a work in progress.

    Feel free to visit Have a read, maybe a laugh and please do leave a comment or suggestion.

    I’d love to hear, share the journey and learn from you too.
    Best regards,

  16. Hi everyone! My name is Matt Ham.

    I find compelled to recognize God first because it is my faith in Him and my recognition of my life without Him that drive me to write.

    In 2013 I put a lifelong passion for speaking to paper which led to my forthcoming book “You Make My Life Rich: A Journey of Redefining What it Means to be Rich”. I am editing and preparing for that project now.

    I blog about these principles at as well as humor from my attempt at parenting 3 boys under 3.

  17. Hi I’m Hellen. I blog at

    I’ve called my blog THIS ‘N THAT because that’s what I write about…a little about this, and then a little about that. I write about my heritage. I’m trying to get some of the stories from my mother before she leaves this earth. I also write about my personal journey of emotional and spiritual growth. And I write about spiritual insights, and ‘counsellor-ish’ type stuff.

  18. Thanks for the invite Andie!

    Hello everyone! My name is Matt Anderson. I’m a photographer by trade, and a writer for fun. I post random thoughts to accompany images on this blog:

    It’s a collection of non-commercial work that I want to share.

    I’ll be starting a blog to accompany my commercial site soon, and it will be essays about my adventures leaving my cushy job and chasing my dream. The commercial site is here:, stay tuned for the blog.

    Thanks for looking!

  19. Hello everyone, my name is Arline Exconde Raijmakers. A kind, funny, sensitive, and loving mom, wife and grandmother. Currently in the land of tulips, the Netherlands. A caring nurse who loves to sing and a writer who speaks her heart. I am writing because I want to touch people’s lives with my story and the lessons I’ve learned in this road called Life

    You can check out my blog Thought and Writings straight from the heart @

    Greetings, Arline

  20. Hi everyone, my pen name is Linzé Brandon. I have been writing a while and have already got 9 books published with more coming out this year. I am probably going to get my butt kicked for being here, since I am not a newbie anymore. I do have a passion for newbies though, and have a few young writers in my writers group that I like to support.
    I am a project manager in daylight hours, and a writer by night. I am married to Francois, an engineer and photographer whose arm I can twist for book cover photographs.
    My blog is called Butterfly on a Broomstick and can be found at
    I post about issues that writers deal with and support other writers with guest posts, book promotions and interviews. My blog also have a Journal style page, called Linzé’s Mischief where I write about my own stuff.

  21. I am Tony Clark – Our Blog and website offers a place of community where we can discuss the hopes, dreams and fears of Generation X 1961-1981. We work together to find common solutions to gain peace, knowledge and power to Stay Sane in the Global Hurricane. We define the Global Hurricane as the merging of cultures, commerce and technologies into one worldwide economy that effects our today and our tomorrow. Your readership is greatly appreciated at

  22. I’m Anne Peterson. I blog at:

    I have a Facebook page at

    and I have a website at:

    I write to give others hope.
    I have one book I published last year entitled, Real Love: Guaranteed to Last, and I’ll be launching a new book as well.

    I’m also a poet who has her poetry in stores since 1995. They are found throughout the US and in 23 countries. All God’s doing.

  23. My site is I’m struggling for focus and I don’t post as often as I’d like. I’m too busy enjoying everyone else’s writing.

  24. I’m Ros and my newest blog (begun 2014) can be found at I’m currently posting at the stellar rate of once a month, but I imagine that will improve as the year progresses. The explanation of the blog name can be found on the About page.

  25. I’m Beth. My blog can be found here:
    I’ve been writing a lot in the challenge, but, many of my recent pieces are not published in this blog. Stay tuned…I’m toying with the idea of a second blog for them to call home. I’m enjoying being a part of this wonderful group of writers!

  26. I’m Sherri. I have my main blog at and the blog I started for the #500Words challenge and my personal commitment to write every day in 2014 at

    A short bio, from my blog: As long as I can remember I have loved to write. It is my outlet and it went from just being a personal blog to something more purposeful. My purpose here is two-fold.

    1. To help people find the hope that God gives in the midst of the worst of circumstances.
    2. To help to erase the stigma of mental illness in the Church and in society as a whole.

    I’m convinced every person is dealt their own “truckload of suck” (quote from an episode of “Private Practice”). There have been times in my life where my “truckload of suck” has completely overwhelmed me to the point of thinking I was too broken for God to heal. However, God has met me time and time again proving over and over again that no amount of brokenness I bring to Him is beyond His healing power.

    I claim Romans 8:28 as one of my life verses “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”


  27. candy lu
    my site:
    i love writing, i love to be with words. after living the half of my life, then i started to know that the key point for the whole world are love, care and constent. when a heart contents love, then there will be no one dislike you; when care about others, then others will care about you; constantly dealing things with love and care, then there will be nothing can’t be conquered. therefore, its the best way to express these there things by writing. the stories of the life, the moods for today, the important issues for the world, all let them out. let’s write together! let the words tell~

  28. Hi! I’m Silvana and am 21. I’m a young Dutch writer with a love for stories. I love telling them, but also help people to tell the story of their life. I’m a Writing-Coach and own since 2013 my own business named Excellence Schrijfbureau (Excellence Writing agency). My author-website is (Dutch, but with translator like Bing is it doable) and for the English fanatics is a nice one.

    Advice, comments or just wanna talk?
    Leave a message!

  29. I am Melinda Todd and I blog at: to encourage other Christians in their walk of faith. I started writing a blog back when yahoo had geocities and it has morphed from there. I finally got real focus one day on what I was feeling led to write about and share. There are not enough encouragers in the world! I am also the author of the short book, How I Forgave My Molester. Thanks for allowing us to share!

  30. Hello, I am Kenneth (Kenny) A Camp. I blog about twice a week about living a missional lifestyle. This includes caring for the ‘least of these’—orphans, poor, widows—missions, worship, discipleship, how we handle money, etc.

    I also blog about our lifestyle, especially after adopting a son. And, of course, like my brethren here, I blog about my writing.
    I have published one book, Adopting the Father’s Heart. I am currently working on my second, Beyond Shame.

    I look forward to checking out your sites. I hope to connect with you soon!

  31. Hello, my name is Melinda Lancaster. I do a little bit of everything and write about it from time to time. You can find me at:

  32. My name is Sharon. Every night my family goes to bed around 11 p.m.and I stay up till sometimes 1 or 2 a.m. reading blogs written by many of the amazing people listed above. I have learned so much and been inspired, yet often must fight the idea that I don’t measure up. I love writing and know that I have a message, a voice, and a book inside of me, so I pursue my craft. I have been a special education teacher, home school mom, Christian school principal and am now a marketing representative here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I have a passion for encouraging people to be happy, and believe we can to a great degree control our own happiness regardless of circumstances. You’ll find me at titled “Dare to Be Happy,” where you will find encouraging words for today’s world.

  33. Heather Tuba

    My name is Heather. I’m a Canadian Prairie girl and I’ve recently rediscovered my love of writing and reading. I started blogging this past January. My purpose is to point people to a God who can set us free to become ourselves – as He intended. Right now, I am writing about God’s healing process. You can find my blog at:

  34. My name is David Mike. I started blogging to tell humorous life events and also my life story of how I ended up spending 3 years in the US Army prison, Ft. Leavenworth. I am very open and transparent. Follow along by reading the blog before the book comes out. Thank you in advance!

  35. kayesims

    My name is Kaye and I seem to be on a wondering and wandering journey. I am intrigued by wonder and wondering. After being in church all my life and now finding myself on the outside, I wonder about things like certainty and trust and grace and all kinds of things. I blog about some of them at – as well as about some of our wanderings in our new life on the road.
    To quote Shelley above, “I’m struggling for focus and I don’t post as often as I’d like.” Perhaps I’m “wandering around” trying to find my purpose for blogging.

  36. My name is Rebecca Waters. I was a teacher in public schools for 20 years and then taught in a college for 14 1/2 years. When my husband and I decided to retire for his health, I decided to become a writer of fiction. All of my writing had been in the field of professional education. Since I knew I was leaving the university in December of 2012, I sort of “launched” my writing career in March of that year. I blog about writing. It is called A Novel Creation and can be found at

  37. Well, hello there. Good to meet all of you. My name is James. I’m a Christian, a father, a husband, a part-time worship leader, a sometimes avid reader, a gamer on hiatus, and I LOVE to write.

    I have just recently taken up writing as a bit more than a hobby. I’m writing daily on my blog (other than Saturdays and some Sundays), using categories for each day. I am slowly working on 2 novels. I’m working on pitches for online magazine articles (had one published!). I’m writing occasionally for the blogsite of a podcast I’m starting soon with my screenplay co-writer. And, of course, I’m working on 2 screenplays and pitches for several more. Needless to say, I’m a busy guy. Thank God both of my day jobs have minimal time requirements, and my wife is a forgiving woman…

    Well, I’ll shut up. Here’s my blog. I write about Christian topics like theology, worship, nephilim, aliens, ghosts, cryptids, science, and a dab of supernatural fiction (on Fridays).

  38. I’m Janet, and I’m a Christian prayer minister who loves to write. I used to keep different blogs for different topics, but felt too scattered. So I’ve started a new blog – – and hope to pour all of my words into that one blog. I blog about inner healing, prayer, children, and cool things I see God doing. Wonderful to meet you, and I look forward to checking out some of the blogs listed here. Happy writing! Janet

  39. Michelle Adams

    Hi! You are already following me but I thought that I would add to the group.

    My blog began as my daily journey through God’s eyes and lessons that I have learned along the way. It took short lived journey into other things like politics, current affairs, and pop culture but I feel most comfortable with life lessons. I choose to be transparent in most of my writing because I believe that my story will help someone else know that they are not alone.

    I have another blog to encourage couples to win the challenge of becoming one in marriage. I haven’t written there in a while and am considering combining my main blog with this one. Life lessons can be found in anything, right? 😉

  40. I have a couple of different faith-based blogs. I began the first one, In Spirit and In Truth, many years ago now as a means of sharing some of my knowledge and experiences at the time. It has gradually changed over the years in some ways as my writing as well as my knowledge and experiences have changed. However, I still use scripture references in my posts. You can find it at I began the second one in the last couple of years. I named it after myself and incorporate it into my ministry website. However, there is a different spiritual theme used in it. You can check it out at Thanks!

  41. Hey Gang! I connected with many of you through Jeff’s 500 Words Challenge earlier this year. Since then, I have been feverishly working to bring my first book to life. That time is here.

    I’d love to share Redefine Rich with all of you in a unique way. If you’d be interested in reading an early copy, I would love to share it with you.



  42. Hi, everybody! I am Mira and I started writing and collecting journals back in high school. Then career, marriage, kids got in the way, but my journal writing still managed to steal some time and became my best buddy only when life gets rough. When the kids have all grown up, i got back to writing again and had a feature writing assignments for our company’s magazine. Presently, I have a blog site and I am also a contributor to a local website. But, it’s not really a regular thing. I write about inspirational and motivational anecdotes about my own personal experiences and life in general. I also write poems and it gives me emotional healing.. I called this my ” zen writings.”
    I am very happy to be a part of a group that gives acceptance and encouragement to a new writer like me. Also to meet other writers and hear about their stories and learn all there is to writing. Thanks! 🙂

  43. Hi All! My name is Janet and I have two blogs. Wildflower Faith is an inspirational, devotional, Christian educational blog. You can find it here: Pages Read and Pondered is where I post most of my book reviews:

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