The Write Stuff

Since this blog was created to inspire and encourage writers, in the next while, I am hoping to reblog posts from members of the 500 Word Challenge group that encourage and or inspire us as writers. Tonia has graciously accepted my request to share her post “The Write Stuff”. Thank you for helping me kick this off. If you as readers have read a post in the group that is an inspiration for you, please let me know so that that writer can be invited to highlight their piece here.

The Vast and Inscrutable Imponderabilities of Life

Sometimes, I don’t feel like writing. It’s not that the muse is absent as much as the brain is too giddy. Sometimes, I must search for butterflies. At other times, a horrible malaise comes over me and I have momentary concerns that I am not good enough to do this, and then I say, “Too damn bad. I’m doing it anyway.” Why? Because this is my dream, to be a writer. It’s what I’ve wanted all my life.

I’m lucky because I know this struggle is perfectly normal. I watched my dad do this job (writing/publishing) day-after-day, year-after-year. This is what writers do: they struggle. They show up.

Some days were full of doubt. On those days, my dad looked grey and broken and I worried. He always came around to days of joy and laughter crowing that the “Divine Afflatus” was upon him. On those days, his writing was a breeze.

Though I…

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