Learning to Fly

So often we label ourselves as deficient not seeing the glory of the wings we have been given to soar. Carryl takes us on the journey as she learns to let her voice fly. It is the same journey we face as writers so I wanted to share it here.

Echoes from the Cave

I’m taking flying lessons.

Actually, I have been for about eight years, I just didn’t know it.

Obviously, it helps to have a good flight instructor and in my completely objective, impartial and in no way biased opinion, I have the best there is.  Lynn has been gifted with a laser-guided, insight capable of skewering a defensive lineman to a brick wall, yet she wields it with the exquisite precision of a sunrise, the solid patience of a mountain stream and the timeless gentleness of an early summer breeze.  She will never force the issue; she will never make you, as a student, follow any path you don’t want to explore.  Personally, I think that would be a little bit like booking a first class trip to Paris but never actually getting off the aircraft, but what the hey.

For all the wondrous things Lynn has taught me, and helped…

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One response to “Learning to Fly

  1. I like to thank you Carry. What I get is as a writer I can fly.Isn’t that inspiring. We are eagles that can soar in the sky but like the eagle in the story that thought it was a hen and trotted around on the ground we trot around when we should be soaring high in the sky. It shows clearly it is not enough to have wings. We have to know we have wings; and sometimes I agree, it takes another, competent one to tell us we have wings and teach us to fly. That is why I am delighted to be journeying with people like you and Jeff Goins to be helped to know how to use my wings. Again thank you so much.

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